Electronics and micro-systems technology
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    Competitive position on the market for electromobility improved

    The portfolio of Lust Hybrid-Technik comprises the development, industrialisation, production and qualification of complex, miniaturised electronics and micro-systems technology.

    In this regard, the company relies on modern technologies such as hybrid technology, bare die technology, adhesive and solder joints, selective passivation, glob-top and moulding. These technologie allow the development of customer-specific solutions for high-end miniaturisation, precision sensing, smart power and high temperature applications.

    Your contact:

    Dirk Schönherr
    Phone: +49 36601 746-313
    Email: d.schoenherr@remove-this.lust-hybrid.de

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    Key figures

    € 11 million
    sales in 2016
    ~ 90