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    We aspire to be the leading system supplier for the automotive- and the truck- & off-highway industry. Our systems & components are a part of every vehicle platform of all leading OEM.


    We develop, produce and market mechanical and electrical pump systems, sintered engine components and lightweight brake discs for both, the automotive- and the truck- & off-highway market.

    The resulting economic success promotes prosperity and the well-being of our employees, customers, investors as well as the society in which we live in.


    We are constantly improving ourselves and our products in order to defend and expand our market position in our core business.

    We put customers at the center of our thinking and acting.

    We promote innovation to increase the added value of our products.

    We strive for "operational excellence" in order to protect our environment and reduce CO2 emissions through efficient processes and resource-saving production.


    We appreciate our conscientious employees, treat each other as colleagues and we are aware that we are our most valuable capital.

    We create a performance-driven and stable environment to attract creative and loyal employees.

    We support each other and promote both our professional and personal development.

    We demand openness and fairness in our dealings with one another and allow ideas from everybody.

    We learn from mistakes and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.


    We develop & produce market leading, innovative technical systems & components. Our actions are based on the latest knowledge & intellectual capital we develop ourselves. We are committed to imple-ment new ideas. Through intensive research & coope-ration, we secure our technological advantage & leadership position.


    We are the fastest in all aspects of our business. We are moving and are ready to continuously improve ourselves and our environment. We recognize design possibilities in our business fields and take actions.


    For us, quality means meeting all customer requirements and the pursuit of a long-term relationship of trust with our business partners and colleagues.