Leading automotive supplier from the Eastern Swabian Jura.

    We shape the future of mobility
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    Leading automotive supplier from the Eastern Swabian Jura.

    From “bean ore” to technology leader

    The roots of SHW go all the way back to 1365 when the extraction of iron from what is known locally as bean ore began on the Swabian Jura. Thanks to the Swabian mindset of its workforce – diligence, ingenuity, tenacity, an inclination to push the limits of what is technically feasible and a good business sense – SHW has always managed to adjust to changes in the business environment ever since. Innovations and willingness to change are firmly anchored in the DNA of SHW – in the past, present and future.

    From the past to the strategy of the future.

    650 YEARS SHW

    Learn about the 650-year history of SHW and travel with us in time – from mining ore through to trading in raw materials and today’s products.

    1365 to 2005

    Extraction of iron ore and smelting activities in the area around Königsbronn mark the birthplace of the plant there and SHW as a whole.

    Schwäbische Hüttenwerke GmbH (SHW GmbH) is founded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and Gutehoffnungshütte, Aktienverein für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb (nowadays MAN SE). The founding shareholders each hold 50% of SHW GmbH. The business activities comprise mining, operating iron works and trading in raw materials.

    SHW constructs a prototype of a car that is so progressive that no entrepreneur at the time dares to build it: aluminium chassis, single-wheel suspension and numerous other technical details which only go into serial production decades later.

    In the 1950s SHW begins manufacturing brake discs at its plant in Tuttlingen-Ludwigstal.

    SHW starts manufacturing sintered moulded parts with the operation relocated in 1968 from Friedrichstal near Baiersbronn to Aalen–Wasseralfingen.

    The year marks the inception of hydraulic pump manufacture in the newly constructed Plant No. 2 in Bad Schussenried. The automotive supply business becomes increasingly significant in the ensuing years.

    In 2005 the non-automotive businesses and associated entities are spun-off from the SHW Group. Since this date, the automotive businesses are registered under the name of Schwäbische Hüttenwerke Automotive GmbH. MAN and the State of Baden-Württemberg sell their shares to the financial investor, Nordwind Capital.



    Until today

    After the parent company, Schwäbische Hüttenwerke Beteiligungs GmbH, is reorganised as a German stock corporation (“Aktiengesellschaft”) the company is registered under the name of SHW AG and goes public. The SHW share starts trading on 7 July 2011 under the ticker symbol SW1 on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

    Nordwind Capital places the remaining 58.3 per cent of the stock with institutional investors. The shares of SHW AG are added to the Small Caps index of Deutsche Börse AG which has a basket of 50 selected smaller listed companies.

    By acquiring Lust Hybrid-Technik GmbH, SHW strengthens its competitive position in the field of electromobility.
    Pierer Industrie AG, Wels, Austria, becomes the new anchor shareholder of SHW AG.

    We shape the future of mobility.

    An eye on the future

    Upon implementation of the SHW 2020 strategy the SHW Group will develop into a truly global automotive supplier. The expansion of our production network with the establishment of independent subsidiaries will give SHW a foothold in the strategically relevant markets of Europe, North and South America and China.