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    About SHW

    SHW was established in the 14th century and therefore counts among one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany. As an automotive supplier we are shaping future mobility with our low-carbon-footprint products.

    In our Pumps and Engine Components business segment we offer product solutions for all types of powertrain concepts. For combustion engines, these help to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions and for alternative powertrains they help to increase the range. Our pumps are used in passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machines, construction machines and stationary engines as well as in wind turbines.

    Our lightweight composite brake discs reduce vehicle weight and therefore CO2 emissions and set the industry benchmark in terms of comfort and weight.

    In total, the SHW Group employs over 1,400 people at 9 locations worldwide.

    More on our strategy

    In light of the market and industry trends, priority has been given to the expansion of our international footprint, our group-wide operational excellence programme and increasing our technological and innovative edge over the competition.