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    New technological and regulatory challenges are the main driver for the development team in the Powder Metallurgy division. In order to meet customer requirements, SHW works constantly on developing new technologies, materials and process solutions.

    The focus is placed on the quality, safety, environmental impact, production requirements, economy and energy efficiency of our products.

    Powder metallurgy - development focus

    SHW researches and improves the surface density to make highly durable gear wheels and long-lasting sprockets. Sintered parts are by nature porous to a certain extent and therefore display inferior mechanical properties to conventional steel. With a selective surface densification method that targets the zones of the part that are subject to most stresses, the mechanical properties approximate those of solid steel.

    We therefore combine the special powder metallurgical moulding potential with the high-performance features of steel. The advantages of surface densification are primarily highly durable gear wheels and long-lasting sprockets. This results in systems with reduced consumption that are only economically realisable using powder metallurgical components. SHW continues to work on its precision forming and joining processes for the high-precision hydraulic components used in oil pumps and camshaft phasers and are aimed at reducing leaks.

    Thinner transmission and engine oils are being increasingly used to reduce CO2 emissions still further. To ensure that hydraulic systems have as little leakage as possible, the tolerances have to be made even smaller. Using innovative moulding and joining solutions, such as the pulse adjustment method, SHW develops high-precision sintered components for engine and transmission oil pumps as well as for camshaft phasers and also improves their energy efficiency.


    SHW develops high-precision sintered parts using innovative moulding and joining solutions.