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    Pumps for truck & off-highway applications

    The SHW Group manufactures pumps for truck and off-highway applications. These are used in trucks, agricultural and construction machines, stationary engines and in wind turbines.

    The hydraulic pumps for transmissions and engines are noted for their durability and efficiency, even under heavy loads. SHW has developed robust highly efficient low-pressure diesel fuel pumps for the new diesel injection systems. In addition, electric and mechanical transmission oil pumps are manufactured for lubricating and cooling wind turbines and industrial transmissions.

    SHW - a full service supplier for customer-specific product developments: design, testing, serial production

    Transmission oil pumps

    Transmission oil pumps are generally driven by the combustion engine and provide the lubrication to the transmission for changing gears, lubricating the gear wheels and cooling the transmission. Depending on the type of transmission, the transmission oil pump also lubricates the torque converter and the hydrostat.

    The transmission oil pumps from SHW are used by leading manufacturers of transmissions, in both traditional manual transmissions and also the latest developments in transmission technology.




    Transmission oil pumps from SHW are offered in the following models:

    - Internal gear pump with crescent
    - Internal gear pump without a crescent
    - External gear pump
    - Three-wheel pump with two variable pressure and flow ranges

    Fuel pumps

    Fuel pumps

    SHW has many years of experience in the truck business. As a development partner it offers highly efficient bespoke diesel fuel pumps in an extremely robust design.


    Fuel pumps from SHW are offered in the following models:

    - Internal gear pump with crescent seal
    - Internal gear pump without crescent seal
    - External gear pump

    They are used in the following fields:

    - Trucks and buses
    - Construction machines
    - Agricultural machines

    Engine oil pumps

    As a development partner of its customers, SHW possesses a broad portfolio of engine oil pumps and extensive know-how. The company offers robust efficiency-optimised oil pumps for the widest range or engines- from small two-cylinder engines to large heavy-duty motors.


    SHW offers its engine oil pumps in a range of models.


    Fixed displacement pumps

    If engine speed increases, the flow rate of the oil pumps increases as well. This raises the oil pressure in the engine. The maximum pressure is capped by a cut-off valve. This valve opens automatically as soon as a certain oil pressure is exceeded and keeps the oil pressure in the engine within the defined parameters.

    The fixed displacement pumps from SHW feature optimised pump geometry to maximise efficiency. As a result, they place less load on the engine. This reduces the power needed to drive them and therefore fuel consumption.

    SHW has extensive knowledge in manufacturing this type of pump. The focus of development lies on the compact design and high efficiency. Fixed displacement pumps from SHW are used in many internal combustion engines.

    They are available as internal gear pumps with or without a crescent, or as pressure-controlled oil pump.


    Variable oil pumps / Map-controlled oil pumps

    Variable oil pumps from SHW adjust the flow rate to the oil requirements for the respective engine speed and temperature range of the engine. They do this either by moving the pump wheels towards each other axially or, in the case of a vane pump, by adjusting the adjustment ring in the pump housing. If the engine needs less oil, the flow rate of the pump reduces accordingly. This makes them different to fixed displacement oil pumps.

    SHW develops and produces various models of variable oil pumps, such as regulated pumps, external gear pumps or vane pumps. In this way they address the requirements of the various types of engine. In addition, oil pumps can be combined with vacuum pumps and/or balancer shafts.

    A map-controlled oil pump is a special form of variable oil pump that possesses an electromagnetic control valve. The map stores the target pressure values that the pump should attain. These values are based on the operating parameters of the combustion engine. At the same time, the map-controlled pump is networked to the engine control unit on-board the vehicle. In this way it can set the engine oil pressure to the required setting regardless of its current operating condition. The oil flow is regulated by the electromagnetic control valve.

    SHW offers variable oil pumps as external gear pumps or as vane pumps.

    Industrial pumps

    SHW industrial pumps are high quality and very robust and can be purchased in small volumes. Contact us or send us a query.


    Standard electric pumps:

    •  Flow rates of between 4 and 91 l/min available
    •  Pressure of up to 50 bar
    •  peak pressure possible
    •  With or without pressure relief valve
    •  Special designs possible

    Electric filter standard pumps

    • Selectable flow rates of between 14 or 35 l/min

    Standard lubrication oil pumps

    • Clockwise or anticlockwise operation, maximum of 8 bar
    • Flow rates of 6, 12, 20, 27, 45, 48 and 60 l/min available

    Our promise: finding the optimum geometric design during product development.