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    Production of sintered moulded parts

    Sintered moulded parts are created from pressed metal powder that obtains its mechanical strength during the sintering process. These offer a range of benefits. They can be flexibly designed, make efficient use of the material and offer extraordinary precision after minor machining in the post-processing phase. This allows competitive production costs.

    The production of sintered parts involves a number of steps, some of which are optional. The sintered part can be engineered to meet the specific specifications of certain engine or transmission components. In each step, SHW works closely with its customers, develops a suitable solution rapidly and reliably in line with customer needs and realises this efficiently.



    Components for enginge and transmission oil pumps

    In terms of their precision, stability of form, durability and the strength of the components, engine and transmission oil pumps place high demands on the components in the flow area. Gears and rotors but also the adjustment rings are generally constructed from sintered steel on account of the high precision required at simultaneously competitive costs. Depending on the required strength and tribological properties, a number of sintered materials and surface or hardening processes come into question.

    SHW has many years of experience in manufacturing sintered parts for the various types of engine oil pumps. These include variable and fixed displacement internal gear and external gear pumps with various types of gears, variable vane pumps and piston pumps.


    Components for camshaft phasers

    Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by the use of high-precision camshaft phaser components, such as stators and rotors. Using sintered moulded parts, the requirements for camshaft phaser systems, such as phasing performance, precision and efficiency in minimum space, can be economically realised – whether for hydraulic or electromechanical camshaft systems.


    Gear wheels

    Size- and cost-optimised backlash-free gear wheel systems must meet demanding requirements regarding strength. Moreover, they must be precise and highly durable.

    SHW manufactures straight and helical gear wheels for engine applications. In addition to various hardening methods, SHW uses the special X-Size densification method to create highly durable, low-noise engine gear wheels. This creates a highly durable piece whose surface quality approaches the full density of steel.


    Sintered aluminium parts

    Over the years, experts at SHW have developed a technology to manufacture highly durable and high-precision parts out of a silicon matrix sintered aluminium.

    Customers benefit from significant weight savings, improved adjustment dynamics and resulting reduction in fuel consumption.

    Other sintered moulded parts

    SHW develops and manufactures other sintered moulded parts for automotive and non-automotive applications.
    The portfolio extends, for example, from belt wheels and sprockets to synchromesh components for transmission applications, sprockets and components for chain and belt tensioning systems.