Processed monobloc ventilated brake discs

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    Unique selling proposition – mill-turning

    The Neuhausen ob Eck facility lies just 15 minutes’ drive from the Tuttlingen foundry and completes the production process for high-quality brake discs.

    After minimising internal stresses, brake discs are machined into ready-to-install components and coated for practically every kind of application.

    Of special note is the final machining on a mill-turning machine. In contrast to conventional machining, mill-turning allows much smaller processing tolerances and constitutes a unique selling proposition of SHW. Naturally, each and every brake disc is balanced and its geometry measured 100 per cent before shipping to the automobile manufacturer.


    Brake discs from SHW have set the benchmark from the very beginning.They are continuously advanced to meet the latest requirements, such as longevity, weight and braking dynamics.