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    Would you like to develop your career and are searching for the right company? We offer attractive career opportunities and are searching for experts who can contribute to our success. Whether you have completed your training or not, would like to start your career or have already gathered career experience and would like to contribute your expertise and management skills to the job is irrelevant. SHW offers you perspectives for the future and offers you the opportunity to actively structure your future.

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    Andreas Weber
    Head of Human Resources

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Wilhelmstrasse 67
    73433 Aalen-Wasseralfingen

    Phone: +49 7361 502 450
    Email: andreas.weber@remove-this.shw.de

    Sandra Rosenmayer
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Wilhelmstrasse 67
    73433 Aalen-Wasseralfingen

    Phone: +49 7361 502 477
    Email: sandra.rosenmayer@shw.de

    Ingmar Looße
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Enzisholzweg 11
    88427 Bad Schussenried

    Phone: +49 7583 946 480
    Email: ingmar.looße@remove-this.shw.de

    Matthias Ritter
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Ludwigstal 25
    78532 Tuttlingen

    Phone: +49 7461 1790 113
    Email: matthias.ritter@remove-this.shw.de

    We are interested in developing your career over the long-term and are happy to invest in the personal development of our employees.