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    After school comes SHW

    Are you wondering what to do after graduating from school? Come to SHW and move ahead in giant strides. We offer apprenticeships in various disciplines, both in commercial and technical trades. We place great store on hands-on experience. During your training you will learn the most important principles, which, when combined with in-depth professional expertise, will provide you with a foundation for your career. We work with the most advanced techniques to thoroughly prepare you for your daily work.

    Vacant apprenticeships

    Apply for an apprenticeship at one of our plants and start your professional career at SHW.
    Applicants are most welcome!
    We look forward to receiving your application.

    For detailed information please contact the human resources contact persons. 

    Apprenticeships with a future

    We offer young people an optimal start for their career training and excellent perspectives for their future.
    Our apprenticeships guarantee practical experience.


    Andreas Weber
    Head of Human Resources

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Wilhelmstrasse 67
    73433 Aalen-Wasseralfingen

    Phone: +49 7361 502 450
    Email: andreas.weber@remove-this.shw.de

    Armin Betz
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Wilhelmstrasse 67
    73433 Aalen-Wasseralfingen

    Phone: +49 7361 502 475
    Email: armin.betz@remove-this.shw.de

    Ingmar Looße
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Enzisholzweg 11
    88427 Bad Schussenried

    Phone: +49 7583 946 480
    Email: ingmar.looße@remove-this.shw.de

    Matthias Ritter
    Recruiting officer

    SHW Automotive GmbH
    Ludwigstal 25
    78532 Tuttlingen

    Phone: +49 7461 1790 113
    Email: matthias.ritter@remove-this.shw.de

    The critical factor for us is that our apprentices are motivated and enjoy their work. For this reason, every applicant at SHW is given the same chance.